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Made by hand, built by ear.

Our speakers are the result of decades of experimentation, because the world of audio is not an exact science. It's a feeling, a clarity, a preference, and that is what we have taken the extra time to insure that we achieve.

A style of speaker that is too simple to be true and too resilient to be so accurate.

These speakers take the difficulty and fragility out of perfect sound. And we believe in the so much that we offer a 6 year warranty.

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Over 40 Years
of Experience

Designing everything from studios to fully equipped post-production facilities.

Our facilities are used by some of the largest film corporations in the world and our systems and designs help them to hold their edge in a time where technologies are changing so rapidly.

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Training Future Generations

The world of film production is changing all around us, with the introduction of pixel gypsies and noise nomads, it can be harder than ever to find consistent and rewarding work in the film industry. Especially with many educational programs suffering from a sever lack of real world exposure and experience.

"The professional and academic worlds should share more with each other"

To achieve this end we have recently purchased The Clyde Hotel which is a historic building located in Wairoa, New Zealand. Here, we are currently in the process of renovating and converting the property into a world-class post-production house that will evolve to incorporate educational facilities as a part of its campus.

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We offer both professional
and educational services

We are currently renovating and restoring The Clyde Hotel in Wairoa.

Although our current focus is on preserving the building, we have numerous plans in motion to transform the entire building into a full-service post-production facility.

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