Main Monitors & Subs

  • What these speakers produce is not just accuracy, it is reality.


  • That same iconic Starkraving sound, just in a smaller, mountable box.


  • Quality without waste at a time when energy effeciency is the zeitgeist.

MAD Seat Actuating System

  • Increase the depth of your system with one small, versatile addition.


  • Multi-Pass Patronage

    Years of audience analysis through our clients membership programs have shown that audiences begin re-watching films to experience our sound systems again and again.

  • Social Media

    Our sound systems are some of the most commented on and celebrated upgrades that a theatre can make. Check out the profiles of our previous clients for yourself to see the responses and awareness.

  • 7 Year Warranty

    Our speakers have been shown to last 100% longer than average systems because they are built to be accurate under heavy use.

  • Repeat business discounts

    We do our best to maintain benefical relationships with our clients and that often includes discounts for those that we have worked well with in the past.

Custom Solutions


We are all about the custom solution. No matter the size or scope of the room or project, we will find a way to make it work. Over the years we have developed relationships with suppliers and manufactures around hte world that allow us to negotiate better deals for you.


The best sound I have ever heard in a cinema.

Michael - New Zelaand the sound especially.

Alice - Malaysia

Great sound system and popcorn!

Nera - Hong Kong