About Us

We are a family of recording studio and post-production facilty designers that realized a professional mix is only as good as the cinema system it is heard on. With over 40 years in all aspects of the industry, our sound systems are crafted by ears trained in high quality audio.

Although we began in audio, we have since expanded into all aspects of post-production and even plan on venturing into the world of education. It is our belief that film, television, and music should not be condensed into academic courses but crafted into apprenticeships.

Our History

It all began with designing and building TV stations until the advent of digital in the 1980's.

We began working with artists and aiding them in their transition from analogue through to digital and supported many of them in their work—which still carries on until today. Meanwhile, we continued to do similar conversions in film and TV.

We acquired several companies in a strategic move to enhance our position on the global market.

Our company acquired a US-based company with an innovative portfolio of products for use under supervision.

We extended our activities to include the field of specialized items meeting the world’s increasing needs with a broad range of innovative products. The company is managed as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own Board of Directors.